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About ima

Import of I.M.A. Artists must be the heroes or heroines in all art exhibitions.

We must hold the surroundings by which subjectivity, independency and superiority of artists should be respected at the exhibitions.

We will aim to create freedom, equality and novel worth in fine arts and promote to join people who develop fine arts without being possessed by accomplished ideas.

Promoters Mr. Francis BABOULET (the past chairman of S.N.B.A.), Yoshio MATSUDA, Isamu SAKAIDA, Roger SHIGENO, Takaaki MATSUDA, Isamu FUJIMO, Hiroshi HIGUCHI, Seiko KANAI, Hiromi SUGIMOTO, Seiya GOTO, including 48 more persons.
The International Modern Artists Association (I.M.A.), which originates from the Kanagawa Prefecture Artists Association (KEN-TEN), was established in 1981.
Locating the head office in Yokohama, I.M.A. started the activities as main projects of being open to participants all over Japan, and took over the international exchange activities of KEN-TEN.
Ever since I.M.A. has continued and developed the activities extensively, having filled the role of the ports of exchange between I.M.A. Members and overseas, overseas artists and Japan.

In 1979, when the KEN-TEN reached its 20th Anniversary, the exchange of art with the SOCIETE NATIONAL DES BEAUX-ARTS (S.N.B.A.) came true as a memorial event.
In May of 1979, 20 artworks of S.N.B.A. Members()were invited and exhibited.
In June of 1979, 60 artworks of KEN-TEN Members were participated at the S.N.B.A. Biennial Exposition held at the Grand Palais in Paris, and the KEN-TEN settled the basis of international exchange of art.
At this opportunity our interest in projects abroad had risen, the I.M.A. was established as the international section of KEN-TEN, which aimed the activities in more extensive areas, including not only Kanagawa Prefecture but also overseas.

The Kanagawa Prefecture Artists Association (KEN-TEN)
Establishment : January 28th , 1962

Promoters: ,Ikuma ARISHIMA, Teiichi HIJIKATA, Katsuzo SATOMI, Ichiro MATSUSHIMA, Riichiro KAWASHIMA, Sakae KAWAGUCHI, Takanori KINOSHITA, Kohei AIDA, Yoshio MATSUDA, Soshichi TAKAMA, Takeo KAWAGUCHI, including 61 more persons

Import of KEN-TEN : To promote mutual friendship between artists in Kanagawa Prefecture and to contribute the development of art fields of Kanagawa Prefecture

(More detailed information: Home page to the Kanagawa Prefecture Artists Association, only in Japanese)

Exchange of Art

The International Modern Artists Association (I.M.A.) contracted to have sister exhibitions with S.N.B.A (established in 1890), which is the top of the art fields in France.
In 1979 I.M.A. held “ The Exchange Exposition of Art between Yokohama and Paris”, ever since I.M.A. actively has had international exchanges of art with other countries in Europe (including France), Asia.

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